Automatic driving system is a comprehensive system integrating satellite signal reception, positioning & orientation and automatic control. GNSS high-precision satellite navigation system is the key to automatic driving system, mainly composed of GNSS high-precision antennas and positioning & orientation terminals. It can obtain high-precision position information in real time. According to the parameters such as the position and attitude, automatic driving system sends instructions to the steering system in real time based on the calculation of the controller. In this way, agricultural machinery can work according to the planned route of the navigation displayer
To meet industry needs, Kinvey provides customized GNSS high-precision antennas, wireless data radios and positioning solutions. The combination of GNSS high-precision antennas and wireless data radios, and smart antennas can determine the position, heading, and attitude of agricultural machinery. While improving the efficiency of agricultural machinery, it can ensure centimeter-level accuracy of farmland operations such as tilling, sowing, spraying, and harvesting. In this way, labor intensity is brought down, time investment and fuel consumption are reduced and per unit area yield is increased.
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