UAV antenna is equivalent to the "eye" of UAV. High-precision positioning supports signal reception of GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO and satellite-based augmentation systems. Also, it features antenna beamforming and provides multi-system and multi-azimuth strong signal reception. Therefore, it can reach centimeter-level (to millimeter-level) positioning accuracy. At the same time, it can effectively deal with the interference between systems in working environment with multi-communication frequency bands. Accordingly, UAV can always keep stable and safe during the flight, avoiding the chances of "explosion"
Traditional UAV antenna is subject to antenna height, so it's difficult to integrate the antenna with UAV fuselage. The electromagnetic environment interference and the special application environment also put more requirements on industrial-grade UAV antenna. In the R&D process, Kinvey has two goals: one is to further improve the performance on the basis of antenna solution innovation; the other is to make antennas more suitable for customers’ terminal UAVs. To meet the needs of UAV industry, Kinvey provides professional UAV antennas, aviation antennas and wireless data radios.
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