When high-precision antenna is applied to reference station and rover station in continuous operation, reference station obtains accurate position information through long-term observation, and transmits the observation data to control center in real time through data communication system, then control center calculates the error in the area. Corrections are sent to the rover through ground-based augmentation system, wide-area augmentation system and satellite-based augmentation system. With RTK real-time dynamic measurement technology, user can finally obtain accurate coordinate information
Kinvey has cutting-edge satellite navigation & positioning technology and rich experience in surveying and mapping applications. After years of efforts, Kinvey has developed high performance antennas, featuring high precision, stable phase center, high gain, long transmission distance, good compatibility and so on. Kinvey's products have achieved large-scale application and have been recognized by many domestic and foreign terminal integration manufacturers. Kinvey's antennas can be widely integrated into surveying and mapping RTK receivers, high-precision handheld RTKs, CORS reference stations, OEM board, UAVs and so on
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