Housewarming of Kinvey Communications - Building on the strengths of the past, building new dreams
September 28, 2022

September 28, 2022, Kinvey Communications officially moved to a new address (5th Floor, Building A3, Xiwanzhiyuan, Hangcheng Street,Shenzhen Baoan District, China), the company's GM Mr. Wu Wenping, with all the staff of the company congratulated on the housewarming, and everyone shouted out "I wish Kinvey to make great progress and create a top-notch enterprise," a new goal, which indicates that Xinwei to start a new journey. The housewarming is not only a new office environment.

    but also signifies that Kinvey has always adhered to the enterprise tenet of "focusing on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, providing competitive products and services, and continuing to create the greatest value for our customers" for the past three years of its establishment, which has won three years of high-quality development for us, and we will always uphold the business philosophy of "Creating the Greatest Value for Customers" in the new epoch. In the new era, Kinvey will always adhere to the business philosophy of creating the greatest value for customers and continue to contribute to the value of Kinvey in the application of BeiDou industry.

    From the initial 600 square meters to a whole floor, the new office area has expanded more than four times, and the relocation work took less than 20 days from the determination of the preparation to the completion of the work, reflecting the team's hardworking spirit and high team efficiency as always, which is also a strong guarantee for the rapid development of Kinvey.

    Kinvey will build a complete R & D experiment base, covering high-precision antenna experiment center, product reliability test base, microwave darkroom and high-frequency experiment center. In the future, Kinvey will continue to increase the investment in the industry's cutting-edge science and technology research and development, to forge ahead and scale new heights!


Shenzhen Kinvey Communication Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2019, focuses on being an RF core component provider. Our products are widely used in surveying and mapping, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision agriculture, deformation monitoring and automatic driving, etc. With the concept of "focusing on customer needs and enhancing customer value", we have successfully provided a variety of valuable and innovative products for surveying and mapping and unmanned aerial vehicles.